“Psoriasis” a silent threat that should not be overlooked.

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The real cause of birth ‘Psoriasis’

Although the birth psoriasis There will still be no clear cause of how it happened. But the study believes that there may be many factors involved. Like a matter of genetics, abnormalities of the immune system. as well as external stimuli. As a result, that part of the skin cells divide faster than usual. Along with the appearance of inflammation, it causes plaque or thick, red, itchy, and scaly patches.

Normally, people Skin cells in the epidermis will be reborn from the subcutaneous layer to replace. The old, dead epidermal cells that are sloughing off in a cycle. In which new skin cells grow. It takes 26 days to move from the subcutaneous layer to replace the outermost layer of skin. But for those with psoriasis There will be a division in the lesion area. Or the regeneration of new skin cells faster than usual. And it takes only 4 days to move from the subcutaneous layer to the outermost layer. Causing the old skin cells to fall off in time to regenerate. Causing the thickening of the skin to become a blister or blister. As well as covering silver scales that easily peel off ยููฟ่าเบท https://ufabet999.com/

From the preliminary assumptions, it was found that These abnormalities are associated with immune system dysfunction. In which T cells, normally responsible for fighting pathogens, are overactivated. when it moves to the subcutaneous layer. This cell will work with other substances. Keep stimulating the epidermis cells to divide. And moving abnormally fast causing inflammation of the skin both in the epidermis and dermis

psoriasis It is a genetic disease with an unclear pattern of transmission. It was found that if parents had this disease. Children who are born will have a chance of having this disease as high as 65 – 83%. But if one of the parents has the disease. The chance of a child being born at risk of having psoriasis is reduced to only 28 – 50% or if. There is a sibling in the family who has this disease without both parents. The next child born has a chance of having the disease up to 24%. But if both parents do not have the disease at all. Children who are born will have the chance of having this disease less than 4%.

This genetic trait is the only underlying factor that causes the disease. In addition, the onset of symptoms does not depend on genetic factors alone. Even if the patient has a genetic predisposition to psoriasis. But if there are no other factors to encourage patients. It will not cause symptoms of the disease, so each patient. Should observe and try to find out what environmental factors are causing it. Recurrent psoriasis, then try to avoid those factors. Because the factors that cause relapse in each person are not necessarily the same.

At present, there are eight types of abnormalities in this disease, with each patient having a different abnormal gene. Thus making expressions of being together in many forms It was also found that. As many as one-third of people who carry the gene for this disease are asymptomatic. Suggests that there are likely to be other factors to be the cause that encourages the joint symptoms again

          The factors that exacerbate psoriasis include wounds on the skin. A sharp wound or even a slight abrasion can cause a rash in that area. Change of seasons Patients tend to improve in the summer because of exposure to ultraviolet radiation. And symptoms worsen in the winter due to dry air. Psychologically, if the patient is affected or stressed, the symptoms of the disease will aggravate. Infections in the body, such as the common cold, can increase the severity of the disease. Including skin irritation such as allergy to various ointments, soaps, detergents will cause more rashes.

          The Director-General of the Department of Medical Services suggested that the treatment of psoriasis requires long-term and continuous planning. To prevent disease recurrence In the case of mild rashes, treatment is done with topical medication. If symptoms do not improve May be use in conjunction with ultraviolet light irradiation. If the patient has severe symptoms Oral medications may also be use. These drugs have side effects, should not be over-the-counter or self-medicated. For the rash on the scalp, TAR-containing medicated shampoos should be use in conjunction with topical application. And should take care of yourself by applying a cream or lotion to moisturize the skin on a daily basis. Avoid behaviors that irritate your skin as they can aggravate psoriasis, such as using an antiseptic to clean. Drinking liquor or alcohol Scratching or trying to pick off the scab from the rash will cause it to bleed. And should use a mild soap Including taking care of your health to be healthy, not cold, not stressed.