6 techniques to recover from dark lips

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There are probably quite a few girls who have to face the problem of dark lips. whether by genetics Or some behavior that makes our lips darker without realizing it. Such as the habit of licking the lips, smoking, allergies to chemicals. or cleaning that is not deep and thorough enough If we continue to do these behaviors Or find a way to make your lips pink in the wrong spot. It may make dark lips appear blacker than before. Applying lipstick may not be the exact color you want. I have to find a dark colored lipstick to cover it up. Plus it undermines each other’s confidence even more. Today Watson would like to share with you how to make pink lips look kissable. Let’s take a look! สมัคร ufabet

1. First investigate the cause of the dark lips. for precise corrections

Many people may still not be able to distinguish that the problem of dark lips that we are faced with right now is caused by genetics. Or is it caused by lifestyle habits and chemical allergies? It’s easy to observe as follows: If your lips are dark from genetics, Most of the time, the mouth will be a grey-brown color. Or you may notice it from family members. Do most of them have darker, burnt brown lips? If so, does that mean we have dark lips from genetics? It is more difficult for dark lips from genetics to find a way to make them pink than dark lips from chemical allergies. The mouth is dark from chemical allergy. The lip color is a purplish-brown tone. If girls have just had this symptom after using various everyday products such as lipstick, toothpaste , or cigarettes, they know that their lips are dark from chemical allergies. Avoid that product immediately. Or another easy way for brushing your teeth. If you are afraid that toothpaste will irritate your lips and change the color of your lips. Then apply Vaseline. Or coat your lips with lip balm before brushing your teeth. It will be able to reduce interference from chemicals in toothpaste. It’s a way to make your lips pink.

2. Use Lip Remover to remove lipstick stains and dirt, reducing dark lips.

Deep cleansing of the lips It is considered the easiest way to make your lips pink but is often the most neglected. Because in colored lipsticks, especially matte lipsticks that lasts all day that we spend every day It has been designed to cling tightly to the surface of our lips. Therefore, it is responsible for harming the lips, making them very dark. The chemicals in them will cause our lips to become dry and dark easily because the lipstick absorbs moisture from the mouth to itself instead. In addition, colors, scents, perfumes and preservatives also play a role. It can also make our lips darker. So just wipe and clean your lips thoroughly. It will further reduce the factors that cause dark lips. And additional suggestions for choosing a good remover. Girls should choose only those that are used on the mouth to specifically clean the lips. because it will be more gentle You should also choose one that doesn’t contain alcohol as it is a way to make your lips pink.

3. Lip scrub To shed old cells as a way to make your lips softer.

Actually, we all have this process naturally. But for girls who want to speed up the removal of dark circles. How to make your lips pink, this method will help a lot. It is also considered to nourish and soften the lips. When choosing to buy a scrub, Then choose scrubbing granules that are brown. Because it helps to moisturize. Plus, the sugar flakes help exfoliate the mouth. Gently reduces dark lips too. But if you have very dry lips, you may DIY your own lip scrub recipe. By mixing honey to help nourish dark lips again, it’s not wrong. Regularly scrub 2-3 times a week. This will help increase moisture. And it’s a way to make your lips look more pink.

4. Deeply nourish dark lips with Moisturizer to add moisture and ways to make lips pink both day and night.

Here’s how to make your lips pink and help add water to make dark lips look bright and plump. Many girls probably have lip balm. Or do you already have your favorite lip balm in mind? But it would be great if the girls’ favorite lip balms had a version that contained natural oils, such as natural coconut oil. or argan oil that is rich in nutrients Come help lock in moisture and nourish dark lips at night. And another version with SPF to protect dark lips for use during the daytime. Because the sun doesn’t just harm our skin. But it is also one of the leading causes of dark lips. If we clean I exfoliated cells well but forgot to protect them. It may make all your efforts and methods to make your lips pink go futile.

5. Laser pink lips/lip tattoo to reduce dark lips

For people who really can’t stand the problem of dark lips, how to make your lips pink by using technology to help is another option that has the clearest and fastest results to solve the problem of dark lips. Nowadays, this method of making your lips pink is very popular among both women and men who want to build their self-confidence. which laser pink lips It uses a laser to directly destroy the dark skin pigment. It’s easy to do, not complicated or scary. But it must be repeated many times. Therefore the cost is quite high. Compared to lip tattoos to reduce dark lips or lip color implants, which use tattoo needles to apply color to conceal the darkness of the lips. Once tattooed, the lips will be pink for about 2-3 years. The price is not as high as laser. Does not react with the body and does not cause allergic reactions But don’t forget to choose a shop that meets standards. Use clean equipment and safe colors too

6. How to make your lips pink by choosing only quality lipstick.

Now, in various online shopping sources, there are lipsticks for sale in beautiful colors that stick firmly, last for 24 hours, and don’t come off even with food, all at prices worth ten baht. It might be worth looking at, right? We’re getting good products at a cheap price. But don’t forget. that lipstick is not house paint Color peeling off during the day That’s normal for the brand. Chemical container according to cosmetic safety requirements. But if the product is cheap Breaking safety rules and mixing chemicals for us to use? Besides the dark lips It’s gotten to the point where no matter how much you search for ways to make your lips pink, it may not work. You will also get mouth cancer. Or a severe allergic reaction will occur instead, so choose a brand you can trust. And the price is reasonable and the ingredients are shown on the side of the box. It’s another way to make your lips pink.

How are you? How to make pink lips look attractive that Watson brings to you today. Who has never tried this method? You can try doing it together. For those who have a trick to reduce dark lips that they already use. Don’t forget to bring it to Watson as well. It will be beautiful to share. Have bright, perfect lips that everyone who sees will be jealous of!