Brush your tongue to reduce disease.

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We all brush our teeth every day. Because we don’t want tooth decay. But I believe that many people may forget that we have another part that needs to be brushed. It has to be cleaned. That’s the “tongue“. Why do we have to brush our tongue? What are the benefits of a tongue brush? How can you eat more delicious food by brushing your tongue? ยูฟ่าเบท

Tongue: Important organ for receiving taste.

Our tongue has taste buds. If our taste buds come into contact with sugar Taste buds then convert sugar signals into nerve signals. It will run to our brain. The brain will interpret it as “What flavor is this?” 

How many flavors can the tongue recognize?

Currently, it is accepted that The tongue can detect up to  5 flavors: sweet, salty, sour, bitter and mellow. 

It has a mellow flavor that people may not know much about. Some people call it umami flavor, but if we have to put it simply, it’s the taste from MSG. MSG is monosodium glutamate. which is a type of amino acid It is a neurotransmitter. Can stimulate appetite It’s like we use chicken bones to boil in soup. The taste that we get from this chicken bone broth is umami. 

How about a spicy taste ?

Actually, spicy is not a taste. Spicy is an irritant to the tongue. It uses the same nerve transmission process as pain. Inside the mouth there are many pain sensors. It sends signals to the brain. through the pain mechanism Then slowly interpret it as “This is spicy”

How do the taste buds deteriorate ?

There is a research study that compares it with Japanese people. It turns out that Thai people have a high level of awareness of taste. This means that we have to season more than we can taste. What kind of taste is it, including sweet, salty, sour and bitter? The average out of  5 for Thai people is 4, for Japanese people it is not more than 3, while the taste is mellow. Japanese people still begin to recognize their taste at a level of about 3, while Thai people are at a 5 from a level of 6. Some are heavier. Try testing at level 6 and still not be able to taste it at all. Upon further inquiry, I learned that I am a person who regularly eats MSG.

Delicious, mouth-watering, health- damaging! 

The perception of taste is important when it comes to eating. The higher the level of taste perception, That means we have to add more seasonings. We will know the taste. The more sugar and fish sauce added, it means that we are consuming more sugar. The amount of fish sauce per day is also increased. Consuming a lot of sugar Increases the risk of diabetes and dental caries. If you consume a lot of fish sauce or salt, it can lead to kidney disease, high blood pressure, and stomach cancer