What causes acne on the back?

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Acne on the back is caused by bacteria and oil in the skin until it becomes clogged like acne on the face. If it’s the acne on the body It can often occur for many reasons. The cause comes from the oil glands under the pores. It’s called sebum. Produced to create moisture But if oil and dead skin cells clog the pores, It causes acne on the back, with redness, swelling or pus. Or it may be caused by other reasons such as

  • Stress and lack of sleep can cause acne on the back.
  • Acne on the back occurs during hormonal changes, such as menstruation during adolescence.
  • Acne on the back that is a side effect of taking certain medications.
  • Eat high-fat foods The taste is so sweet that it often causes acne on the back.
  • Acne on the back is caused by wearing clothes that do not wick away perspiration. Until damp piles up
  • Genetics and allergies to certain types of skin care products are one of the causes of back acne.

How to prevent acne on the back

The best way to prevent back acne is to reduce your risk of developing it.

1. Treat back acne by changing the way you eat.

Do not eat foods that are high in fat or very sweet and choose to use bathing products. สมัคร ufabet Including a gentle skin care lotion.

2. If you exercise or sweat.

After exercising, you should take a quick shower. To reduce the accumulation of bacteria And choose to use clothes that can breathe well. To reduce humidity from sweat during the day. and reduce the causes of acne on the back

3. Skin masks

Treat acne on the back By making skin masks from natural ingredients. Shaving or waxing your back To reduce clogging of the skin

4. Choosing to use a toner after showering.

By using a cotton swab to wipe the area with acne on the back. and use topical acne treatment on the back By applying it to the acne area regularly.

5. Using products for treating acne on the back

For example, liquid powder, which is quite safe and can be used continuously to make back acne dry and go away on its own.

6. Taking medicine to treat acne on the back

In this case, it should be used with relatively severe acne problems. Must get consultation from a dermatologist. or pharmacist first every time