Louis Saha defends “Mac-Fred” just a scapegoat for Manchester United.

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Former Manchester United striker Louis Saha has urged the public to protest against youngsters like Fred. And Scott McTominay as goats from the Old Trafford vs Brighton 1-2 weeks ago.

Duo ‘ Mac – Fred ‘ has been hit hard by outspoken critics or social media. That the pace is too bad to play for the ‘ Red Devils ‘. If the team continues to use, the team will not prosper.  

However , Louis Saha is very out of defending 2 midfielders that just face the fire. Because seriously it’s wrong since the system that Team Manager Eric Ten Hag put up.  

Commented on ‘ The Punters Page.com ‘ .

” It’s easy to judge someone by his bad performance. “UFABET

” I don’t want to attack just two players because he’s had enough of the tour.  Manchester United by history is a team that plays creative football. And they now have to be more creative than they are. Therefore, the two of them were the target of critics. To be honest, creativity doesn’t come from two people. But we have to cooperate with the whole team. ” 

“ The position of the forward , the wing and the defender. They all need to do a better job. Don’t blame just one person : And here’s another problem is that no one dares to come out and speak to defend the teammates . 

” I don’t 100% agree with criticizing only Fred and McTominay because they are quality players on the other side. ” 

“ When they are asked to do what they cannot. This is to blame for the quality of the pace is not fair – we have to suhok the courage of both of them. and ask for support from the others on the team. ” 

“ Which, at present , the basic elements And the balance of the whole team doesn’t look good enough. ” 

Louis Saha is on the opposite side of former United captain Roy Keane, who shredded the duo ‘ Mac – Fred ‘