Appropriate way to lose weight without Yo-Yo Effect

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Appropriate way to lose weight without Yo-Yo Effect

What are some ways to lose weight?

Nowadays, many people prefer to lose weight by using drugs and dieting. Because it is believe. That it will help control weight faster. and method is not difficult by UFABET

Most of the weight loss drugs are in the group of psychotropic substances. Specially controlled drug and dangerous drugs that act on the central nervous system has the effect of reducing appetite. It can cause side effects such as confusion. rapid heartbeat High blood pressure, difficulty balancing, dilated pupils, headache, may have mental symptoms. seeing hallucinations or hearing sounds In severe cases, high fever, chest pain, circulatory failure or convulsions may occur.

In the long run, the body will become resistant to drugs. if used for too long and when stopping the drug The weight will return.

Some drugs have a diuretic effect. when stimulating the body to excrete water body weight will decrease But it has resulted in physical exhaustion. because of the loss of some water and mineral salt It is a wrong reduction because the main problem of obesity is fat, not water.

diet pills or products containing rice bran and other fibers Most will swell when eaten. helps to feel full But it’s not about helping burn excess fat. Sometimes it is also found the cause of a blockage in the gastrointestinal tract. If eaten and not enough water to follow.

For those who use fasting to lose weight It’s not a good way to go in the long run. Because fasting causes the metabolic rate in the body to decrease as well. When you stop fasting and come back to eat again Often found to eat more than before. Therefore, body weight increases and there is a chance to increase more than before even reducing it.

What is the Yo-Yo Effect ? ​​What should I do if it occurs?

The Yo-Yo Effect is a comparison of the phenomenon that occurs after weight loss with playing the yo-yo plumb ball. After losing weight for a short time, the weight increased again. Have to try to lose weight again. with more efforts to reduce Every time after losing weight, it will come back more and more. Like a plumb that when released from the hand to the ground, it will roll back to our hand again. The harder and farther the plumb ball is release. The plumb will only return to your hand quickly.

Yo-Yo Effect is found in people who take diet pills. Because the drug will depress the nerves makes the body feel full all the time don’t want to eat. When you stop taking the drug, you will feel the craving for food again. and possibly more than ever Including the body has to adjust to have a decrease in metabolism.

For example, while taking the diet pills In the past, the body used to eat 2,000 kilocalories a day, but when taking the medicine, it was not hungry. The body may restrict in food intake. Causing the body’s energy metabolism to only 1,000 kilocalories per day, the metabolic rate of the body will adjust from 2,000 kilocalories to only 1,000 kilocalories. Which is a prevention mechanism. Malnutrition of the body is similar to hibernation. When you eat less, your body burns less energy.