Lifestyle, living is related to health care.

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Lifestyle, living is related to health care.

Nowadays, most people choose to prevent and take care of their health before they get sick. and trying to update new health care trends To suit yourself. How about you.. Choose any health care method at UFABET.

  •   exercise
  •   Diet: focus on vegetables, fruits, vegetarian
  •   Take vitamins/supplements
  •   Reflexology/Acupuncture
  •   detox
  •   healing energy
  •   other

Is the health care method that you choose suitable for you? Is there a principle or method for choosing health care?

Health care should start from childhood. By choosing to do swimming exercises. Which both health and height increase Let the children eat fruit as a snack instead of cake. Or a bag of ready-made snacks. Teach you how to choose healthy food instead of Junk Food. To practice discipline in taking care of health from a young age Working age is an age that is easily stressed. It also needs nutrients that are beneficial to strengthen the energy to work. May choose to practice yoga for meditation and take some supplements that are lacking. coupled with a fast-paced lifestyle Therefore, the lifestyle of each age range is different. Health care is different. and should modify their health care to suit themselves

Age 10+ :   Lifestyle, like to learn new things Most of the time will spent studying. Need useful nutrients It is an age that is growing physically and mentally.

Take care of your health:  

Fuel your brain with protein foods. Fortified with vitamin B complex, high in vitamin C and minerals (calcium and iron) for healthy growth. Exercise that uses equipment such as badminton, table tennis, tennis, football, chairball to develop coordination of the body and motor nerves such as eyesight, hearing and muscles.

20+ years old : the beginning of work The body still has a good energy metabolism system. Lifestyle began to eat out, fast food and had to take on a heavy load from work, including meetings and clearing work, until forgetting to eat. The body does not receive enough nutrients per day. makes the brain tired and exhausted

Take care of your health:   Supplements may not be necessary yet. But should eat foods that increase brain power and memory, such as   “ fish ” , especially salmon, tuna, mackerel, rich in omega- 3 and DHA. “ Dark green leafy vegetables ” such as kale and spinach are sources of vitamin E and folate . Berries ” such as strawberries, cranberries, blueberries, contain vitamin C and phytonutrients, and ” whole grains ” are rich in fiber, vitamin B1 and focus on exercise by playing sports. various types Both basketball, volleyball, etc.

30 years old +: It’s the age when starting a family. Job duties became stable. fast-paced lifestyle There are quite a lot of responsibilities. I don’t have much free time. Office people tend to have office syndrome, back pain, shoulder pain, physical aspects, increasing age. Hormones begin to decrease The skin starts to lose moisture. Some people eat improperly, are stressed, sleep deprived, drink alcohol, smoke, causing body deterioration and accumulation of toxins.

Stay healthy: 

Adults need foods that are high in nutrition and low in calories. Should eat a balanced diet Focus on antioxidant foods Helps the body recover quickly and have a strong immune system such as fruits and vegetables and supplements with high antioxidants such as grape extracts French Pine Bark Extract Astaxanthin

Age 40+ :  

Life style is an age with high responsibility both in work and society. Children enter adolescence. have a financial burden have little time to exercise use more brain stressed out fat replacement The body deteriorates with age. There are physical and mental changes such as hardening of the blood vessels, fat in the blood stream, less memory, decreased bone mass. less kidney function eyesight is getting long, difficult to sleep, easily tired less menstruation It can be said that this is an age where hormonal changes are evident. Especially hormones in females and males decreased. less secretion of growth hormone The brain is not fast, not active.

Take care of your health: 

should turn to eating fiber foods. Eat less carbohydrates and fat. By choosing to eat fresh fruits and vegetables whole grains Cut down on meat, red meat, and dairy products. Because the body accumulates fat more easily decrease in metabolism. You should exercise, such as doing fitness or yoga. that focuses on the work of the heart increase the strength of the skeletal muscles joint flexibility Stimulate the respiratory and circulatory system to work better. To slow down aging You should take vitamins.

That help balance your body, such as maintaining hormonal levels with G-Cap ( helps create Growth Hormone) or vitamin E (tocopherol) along with selenium. take melatonin to help insomnia If you want a good mood, relax. St. John’s Wort should be eaten. together with black cohosh extract can help or go to the spa to help relax the body and mind more And don’t forget to check your health annually.

Age 50+ :  

The body has clearly deteriorated in every aspect. Higher fat content instead of muscle the body burns less People of this age exercise less. less energy demand. But the demand for vitamins and minerals remains the same. causes the body to accumulate excess energy in the form of fat At the same time, the mood is easily irritated. Entering the Golden Age system of organs deterioration with age, such as bones and teeth, the excretory system does not work Bad bones, etc.