What to do. When the body starts to deteriorate

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What to do. When the body starts to deteriorate.

Your body has been or has symptoms these or not

  •   feeling tired all the time especially in the afternoon
  •   feeling exhausted even if you get enough sleep
  •   weight gain without stopping
  •   Forgetful, more and more forgetful.
  •   Body aches, back pain, joint pain
  •   Insomnia or not sleeping well
  •   A feeling that your potency or sex drive is diminished.

These problems are often seen as being due to “ aging ” or the body beginning to deteriorate. Many bad diseases are caused by the deterioration of the body, such as various cancers, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, cataracts, neurodegenerative diseases. Osteoporosis, etc. It makes people pay attention to the deterioration of the body. and find ways to take care of and protect each other more UFABET.

That the deterioration of the body in anti-aging medicine 

Can treat or alleviate these problems Many people have probably heard the term Anti-Aging already, but may still not quite understand how it can help. Which specialized medicine in anti-aging ( Anti-Aging Medicine)It focuses on preventing diseases based on nature. health recovery Including maintaining health before the disease caused by degenerative diseases. Including the restoration of the deterioration of the body that occurs when we get older. The doctor will use the knowledge of advances in medical technology, such as measuring and maintaining the balance of nutrients, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants. neurotransmitter Including various hormones in the body, etc., which has a positive effect on the quality of life in the long run and how to treat it We look at the causes of deterioration of the body that come from any cause. It can describ in two parts:

1. Free Radicals ( Free Radicals)

Molecules with unbalanced electrons. Trying to capture normal cell molecules Causing a chain reaction to destroy good cells to deteriorate. When cells deteriorate, it causes all organs to work less. And eventually the body deteriorates Causing aging and various diseases to visit. Free radicals found both inside and outside the body.

Within the body, that is, the human body naturally produces this free radical. and created all the time in the metabolic process which this bad free radical has the effect of destroying various parts of the body at the cellular level gradually accumulates little by little and eventually the cells will die on their own Found that free radicals destroy genetic cells or DNA. As a result, damaged cells can become malignant, such as various cancers, diabetes, coronary heart disease. and cataracts

Free radicals found from outside the body are various toxic pollution, UVA and UVB rays in sunlight, and cigarette smoke are sources of free radicals that can directly harm our body and skin.

Antioxidants, or Anti-oxidants, have the property of capturing free radicals, making free radicals stable without damaging cells in the body. The level of destruction is slow down. This is another way to slow down aging. In our body The liver can produce many types of antioxidants together. But because deterioration naturally occurs with age The ability to produce such free radicals will diminished. We should therefore eat foods that contain antioxidants such as vitamin C, vitamin E, vitamin A, beta-carotene, coenzyme Q10. alpha lipoic acid and flavonoids and polyphenols, choose to eat unrefined foods Eat more healthy fruits and vegetables. In addition, avoid toxic pollution such as car smoke, cigarette smoke, avoid UVA and UVB rays in the sun , and most importantly, reduce stress.

2. Accelerated hormonal depletion 

Hormones are responsible for controlling every system in the body, including the mind, such as growth. increase muscle mass Sexual desire, emotional control, and help with memory, etc. The source of hormone production in the body is the adrenal gland, pituitary gland or thyroid gland. If hormone levels are reduce. The body’s functioning will not as good as it should be.

For example, women in menopause tend to experience hot flashes. Sweat easily, lack of vitality, sluggishness, depressed mood. But sometimes I get irritated, easily irritated, stressed and anxious for no reason. Blurred memory or lack of concentration often have headaches sagging breasts Unsatisfactory sexual response Lack of moisture in the vagina Hair and dry skin is out of balance.

In older men, it produces less testosterone or is impaire, resulting in erectile dysfunction. Lack of vitality, reduced energy, starting to lose belly, fatigue, easily tired Often moody, often irritable or sometimes depressed discouraged by life blurred memory or lack of concentration back pain joint pain more easily stressed can cause many health problems